San Francisco Road trip

So this is how it feels like to be strolling around downtown of SFO?!! It was a fine sunny day, a perfect day trip to the higher city. Exploring the city was a new experience. We headed forth fisherman’s wharf which is our first stop.A place known for sea foods like dungeness crabs,lobster,salmon,clam chowder etc. and seaferry tour. Its quite interesting coz the place were pack of tourist busy documenting the whole shebang.Im glad that I was never left out curious about this place.At last,I was able to see the Historical Alcatraz and sealions in the wild.Our gastronomic exploration was to die for.The food was great at “BOUDIN”, a resto famous for their ancient clam chowder in a sourdough.Not only that the service was good but we also treated as VIP’s. The second stop was at the famous bridge “THE GOLDEN GATE”.Once again there were cyclist, tourist, adventure lover and lovers likes us who went to dip an experience into this one of a kind llandmark..And mind you it was not easy to be in SFO,the streets were steep and Hilly.It was crazy driving there.No wonder my wife really prepared herself for this trip.Inspite of this adrenaline-pumping experience it was fun and a beautiful memory to keep.


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