Napa Valley Wine Experience

I know I have to make a bucket list of places I want to visit. If I really have one, I would really put Napa valley on my list. This pristine and peaceful place makes a perfect getaway for couples who really love to indulge in something historical and romantic experience. Napa valley is known for their award winning vineyards and sought after wine producers in the world, which I already knew because of too much watching travel and living channel before. This is what happens when you know everything yet never actually experience it, you are just stuck on what you knew. So to break everything I brought myself back in to curiosity again. I had a little bit of “ahhhh oic” on our wine exploration. I appreciated how they invested in a big acres of vineyard yet no return of investment for 6years. This is a kind of people who made sacrifices and passion which in turn made big bucks in the end and create a legacy of wine industry in napa. I was also impressed by how they maintain the classy vintage look of the wine train. The train made us feel a Class A treatment when we are aboard while enjoying the gourmet food and felt relax by the scenery behind us. The place gave us various options of must to do there. If you want to know more bout wine and its history go to Napa.If you want it to be different and gourmet absolutely go to napa and if you want fresh and organic of course its from Napa. I had so little time and no negative comment in this place I will definitely go back again and continue my exploration.Enjoy the pictures!!!

Our hero Inspired album

It took us three years to wait and finally decide what our wedding album will look like. Our wedding album was inspired by some of the popular brands in the market. I love the way Apple company design their Mac books, so the layout of the album was sleek, minimalist and simple but tells everything in its content. The chic and stylish taste of my wife added the details of the album. Like buying a new piece of louis vuitton, it also has a vain feminine side of it.The color of the album was earth toned maroon red textured with alligator skin cover album. This will be our priceless possession definitely would keep a lifetime.

Hearst Castle{Build the Dream}

I thought I was gonna be amazed entering a real castle for the first time. What really struck me was the european inspired art collections of Mr. Hearst had. Every corner of the castle was filled with antique furnitures and well preserve stuff for exhibition.The ceilings,paintings,library,the design of the rooms and beds are somewhat contemporary in their time. The roman inspired pool was really the best part of the castle. I love how the pillars was made and finely sculptured. The details was really the same as the architectural design during the roman empire. The design of the floor was also inspired in europe. It was heavenly looking at the facade,I was impressed how Mr. Hearst imagined his castle to be. He called it “building the dream”, an impossible project made possible by his own imaginations. He imagined his castle to be at the top of the mountain surrounded by beautiful garden and vast landscapes. Unfortunately Mr. Hearst didn’t really stayed that long to his castle because he travelled a lot in his time. He made this castle only for a pride to his guests and lovers. Thanks to him, I enjoyed the fine collections and the outcome of his dream. I had also fulfilled one of my dream and that is going to a castle eventough I never really saw an actual princess there.

the coastal area near hearst castle

the naughty beaver

the steep road to hearst castle