Ryle Jayden’s 1st Birthday

This is by far the biggest and also the busiest photo coverage among the children’s party I had ever attended. Its cool because it feels like home, It was like a modern filipino style of celebration with a bit of twist. Some friends and relatives of the host were party organizers. They were the ones who initiated the games and systemized other parts of the party. The kids were very much enthusiastic and in to much with the party.

Personally Im pretty much excited about this event coz this is my first time to set up the photobooth or should I say MYFUNBOOTH. I had been longing to add this as perks for every children’s party I cover. I never thought I had to multi task the whole coverage. Im glad it went well for me as a first timer. They had given me a good spot for the photobooth to set up the props,printing and lights.

I am very much thankful to athena and rico for such an amazing hospitality. We drove our way to Fresno california for 3 hours and we had a blast. The invitation, lechon, the cozy accomodation etc. made this whole event worthwhile.

Bags and Vanity

This was a product shoot favored to me by my sister in law. My sis in law loves to sell bags and fashion blings as her hobby and passion. She made this whole shebang of entrepreneurship into a whole new level. To make it more optimized,part of it was the promotion of the items thru social networking. The first step was to photograph it with glamour and art. We know that branding was bit complex for us to do and really the very core of every business. However I made this crazy idea of putting her my sis inlaw the model of this bag, anyway she just so fit with the product because a brazilian look model like her would be an ideal concept for this product shoot. The bags were very edgy and stylish. It is an ideal fashion for walking and wandering around a hot summer season. If you were a tourist and an adventure lover kinda person, this would definitely fit your style.

San Francisco

There is always a feeling of excitement whenever I visit San Francisco. There is always a plan on how to conquer the busy traffic and parking difficulties on the way there. In spite of this obstacles it all worth it to be in San Francisco.
What is really great in this place that I want to visit more often? Well I really love food, I mean different kind of foods. San Francisco is very diverse when it comes to culinary experience. But there is only one place that I love to hang out at market street. A good resto near called the “2223 resto and bar”. They always spoils me. I so love their dessert and pot roast.I know there is still a lot of restaurant to mention you just have to explore and seek for that perfect place that fits your taste buds.
So what else do I like? It is always fun walking around the streets of SFO.The Union square is surrounded by signature boutique that is always perfect avenue for shoppers and fashionistas. And also, if you are that kind of person who loves to bargain, chinatown is there for you.
Well if you love just hanging around and feel the breeze of the bay area, it is always free to just pack up your picnic bags and blanket to crissy field. It is always an awesome experience to watch people around and the spectacular view of the the Golden Gate.

I just love to indulge in this tempting black and white chocolates in epic proportion

Hanging around Union square is like going to Italy. Lots of italian restaurant to choose from.

The crazy steep street of San Francisco

Courtney’s Dance Move Competition

I’ve been a very bad blogger lately. There are so many things going on in the world right now, from royal wedding to Osama bin laden’s demise,which made me so busy twitting and keeping updated. Anyhow I’m posting some of the photos that I took during the dance competition of courtney. Im a big fan of hiphop dancing eventhough dancing doesn’t really like me. Last month Courtney and her crew made a good performance during the competition. Competitors came from different dance studio to show off some their amazing moves and styles. The winning crew will have its credit to thier dance studio and dance instructor. It wasn’t an easy task, one must be creative,modern and unique in able to be a winner in this competition.I know its really hard work and perseverance to prepare for this. Winning or loosing doesn’t matter as long as your’e having fun. I was totally blown away how this kids so young and active with so many potential things they can achieve in the future. Hope to shoot more of this kind of event someday again..