Courtney’s Dance Move Competition

I’ve been a very bad blogger lately. There are so many things going on in the world right now, from royal wedding to Osama bin laden’s demise,which made me so busy twitting and keeping updated. Anyhow I’m posting some of the photos that I took during the dance competition of courtney. Im a big fan of hiphop dancing eventhough dancing doesn’t really like me. Last month Courtney and her crew made a good performance during the competition. Competitors came from different dance studio to show off some their amazing moves and styles. The winning crew will have its credit to thier dance studio and dance instructor. It wasn’t an easy task, one must be creative,modern and unique in able to be a winner in this competition.I know its really hard work and perseverance to prepare for this. Winning or loosing doesn’t matter as long as your’e having fun. I was totally blown away how this kids so young and active with so many potential things they can achieve in the future. Hope to shoot more of this kind of event someday again..


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