Ryle Jayden’s 1st Birthday

This is by far the biggest and also the busiest photo coverage among the children’s party I had ever attended. Its cool because it feels like home, It was like a modern filipino style of celebration with a bit of twist. Some friends and relatives of the host were party organizers. They were the ones who initiated the games and systemized other parts of the party. The kids were very much enthusiastic and in to much with the party.

Personally Im pretty much excited about this event coz this is my first time to set up the photobooth or should I say MYFUNBOOTH. I had been longing to add this as perks for every children’s party I cover. I never thought I had to multi task the whole coverage. Im glad it went well for me as a first timer. They had given me a good spot for the photobooth to set up the props,printing and lights.

I am very much thankful to athena and rico for such an amazing hospitality. We drove our way to Fresno california for 3 hours and we had a blast. The invitation, lechon, the cozy accomodation etc. made this whole event worthwhile.

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