Jonathan+Dulce Las Vegas Engagement

I cant wait to post some of the pictures that happened this week even though Im still having vacation fever at this moment. Im breaking it now. Not all stayed in Vegas. Who can’t resist in sharing this awesome pictures of the lovely couple Jonathan and Dulce took a days ago in Vegas. Both were shy at first but somewhere along our shoot who cannot be tempted in being captured with such an amazing and picturesque spot in Vegas. The shoot was held at Ninang Rose’s lovely house and at the strip of Las Vegas.

After all the plans and long awaited moment to come,finally they became one. Here are some of the sneek preview of their moments together took during our casual “strip” strolling in Vegas.And by the way they got married in TI the following day.

P.S. wedding moments to follow…..

Our Visit to Tracy

It was an awesome weekend. Soaking under the sun and burning out our skin was all worth it. Seriously I’ve never been in a kite a festival ever, but this made me want go back again next year(hoping). It could had been a regret if we weren’t there. The fine windy weather and the smoky barbecue made it all perfect that day. Didn’t I mention that Louie was a grill master. I should have took pictures of the barbecue sigh.

This month of June is also the right season to wander some of the farms in Brentwood. I never thought cherry picking was this much fun specially when you have buddies that are so cool and game. Even though it was so hot that day we were so eager to pick our cherries to brought it back home. My oh my I never thought that picking the right kind of size takes a lot of patience. Our cherries were really small and not even half full. Well at least we have the reason to go back again and a chance to develop that skills.

Here are some of the moments that I took..It was really so damn hot that day.

And by the way Laiana “Banana” was so fun to be with. She has a lot of potentials. A model in the making.

Los Angeles

We were supposed to be planning in going to Yosemite after Fresno party. There was a bit change of plan in the middle. I never been to LA nor Yosemite, so which ever place Im in(no problemoo!!). So we decided to hit LA as our last minute plan. It was only 4hours drive from fresno to LA so we arrived earlier.

Although we made reservations in universal studio on the following day,we have no idea where we are going on the first day. So I browsed everything from the internet to the hotel magazines. So out of spontaneity of the vacation we headed towards downtown LA. We were starving so we decided to ate at Pinks chillidog. It was not actually the ideal stop to have a fast food because the line was too long to get our orderr. Pinks didn’t disappoints us,its really a must when going LA.After pinks we stayed for couple of hours strolling downtown. Time was never our concern that day. It was 6pm already when we went to Griffith park. I thought that time it will be less crowded already. I never expect that it was too hard to find a place to park. It went well after.We really had a good time.It was warm and ideal weather to wander overlooking downtown LA.

So many things had happen. A bit places we went like the hollywood street,the walk of fame, rodeo drive,sunset blvd,universal studio,madame Tussauds place and etc.

The thing that I never want to forget was the experience at Fogo de chao. I dont know how they grilled their pork and lambs. It was overly delicious and juicy. It was a bit pricey but the price was equal of a fraction from the nice customer service and the varieties of meats they serve us
If I want to go there again.Il try to explore some part of their beaches.

We had a chance to visit and explore the famous Griffith park eventhough we had so much difficulty finding a park.

I’ve been religiously watching my calories for the past days but this made me an exception.The Pinks hotdog made the finest and famous hotdogs in LA. This is not only the place to eat so better watch you’re side coz many celebrities grab their own favorite hotdog here.

We’ve been so damn patient waiting for our turn to get our order with such a long line.

We finally got our price after that long wait. We felt guilty but the indulgence was something to talked about and cherished.