Our Visit to Tracy

It was an awesome weekend. Soaking under the sun and burning out our skin was all worth it. Seriously I’ve never been in a kite a festival ever, but this made me want go back again next year(hoping). It could had been a regret if we weren’t there. The fine windy weather and the smoky barbecue made it all perfect that day. Didn’t I mention that Louie was a grill master. I should have took pictures of the barbecue sigh.

This month of June is also the right season to wander some of the farms in Brentwood. I never thought cherry picking was this much fun specially when you have buddies that are so cool and game. Even though it was so hot that day we were so eager to pick our cherries to brought it back home. My oh my I never thought that picking the right kind of size takes a lot of patience. Our cherries were really small and not even half full. Well at least we have the reason to go back again and a chance to develop that skills.

Here are some of the moments that I took..It was really so damn hot that day.

And by the way Laiana “Banana” was so fun to be with. She has a lot of potentials. A model in the making.


2 thoughts on “Our Visit to Tracy

  1. Hi Louie and Aileen. Me and Nicelle had a great weekend there at Tracy. It will be much awesome now coz we already knew the shortcut in going there..nice spending with you guys

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