Dominic @1

Too much excitement when its actually the first.The first thing that comes into my mind when I cover birthdays like this is the concept of the party. This is where the party flows and the story begins. First birthday as always is the special event to celebrate.
Back from last weeks shoot was Dominic’s special day. I call him the lolo’s boy(grandpa’s boy). This handsome little fella never messed around as long as his grandpa is around. Grandpa also never misses a smile whenever captured by a camera with his grandson. The two of them had an amazing bond together.The party was great! whoever loves Disney loves mickey mouse.The theme of the party was mickey, so everybody else were in their mickey mouse shirt including the goodies and the details of the party.
The place was a fun haven for kids too. The playground comes with huge stuff to play with. The new party venue in town called “Party Up” didn’t disappoint kids expectations to come to this party.
I share to you a bit of fun from last week…


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