For the Love of Breakfast Project: Scrambled Egg

I had been longing that someday that I would make my own project about photography. I had always been fascinated with food photography. Earlier when I was still learning my photography my mentor always told me to shoot anything and everything, start with something that is easy to manipulate. I had always been frustrated with this kind of photography. The main issue was lighting set up and photography equipment. I mean books and some people advised that you have to have like this or buy this kind of gears. I had been trying this for years but never really into it.
Thats why Im doing this as my self project and my self motivation to pursue such challenge. I titled it “For the Love of Breakfast Project”. Why Breakfast? coz for me its the best way to start the day and I love breakfast. Once in a while im going to post images about food during breakfast, comments and constructive criticism are welcome..

Cian’s First Long Travel and Disney Experience

This is our baby’s first travel to LA. We made sure that all the baby stuff should be prepared before we hit the road. I had a good experience way back then when I was here last year so Im kinda excited to come here again.This time was full of anticipation,I know its going to be memorable and awesome coz we have Cian with us. We are so excited to stroll him around LA, meet his relatives and to have fun in Disney . I had grown to be a mickey mouse fan and I want to impart it to my little boy. We had such a magical 2day vacation,it feels good to be youthful again and we want to do it next time. Im very proud for Cian for doing well on his first time.
Cian was so amazed inside the castle watching “small world”Its so hot mommy! can you take off my jumper shirtLola loves my feet,it tickles meWith Alice and the mad hatterThe most awesome tour guide ever!!!I love hotel beds mommy!!

Our Little adventures around Half Moon Bay

When it is something beautiful, I never missed posting it on my blog. Last weekend we had a blast.We had been wishing all this time that someday we could go to half moon bay. This place is just so perfect to hang out and watch the magnificent view of the coast. We had our lunch at Ritz Carlton Hotel, a hidden gem that was inspired by a conventional european style of architecture. It could have been awesome to have at least spend a little more til evening and watch the sun as it settles down the coast. Our little boy was a bit fussy,he didnt much enjoy the adult stuff.
To be fair and square. We headed towards the pumpkin farm. Its almost halloween, It would be great to have pictures of our little boy’s first pumpkin patch adventure. I love the way he smile and enjoy the scenery. I felt like losing 15 years of my age,watching him with so much curiosity and amazement. Until next time, well be back to stay for one night even if its worth spending $$$$.(fingercrossed)
The magnificent view of the coast