Cian’s First Long Travel and Disney Experience

This is our baby’s first travel to LA. We made sure that all the baby stuff should be prepared before we hit the road. I had a good experience way back then when I was here last year so Im kinda excited to come here again.This time was full of anticipation,I know its going to be memorable and awesome coz we have Cian with us. We are so excited to stroll him around LA, meet his relatives and to have fun in Disney . I had grown to be a mickey mouse fan and I want to impart it to my little boy. We had such a magical 2day vacation,it feels good to be youthful again and we want to do it next time. Im very proud for Cian for doing well on his first time.
Cian was so amazed inside the castle watching “small world”Its so hot mommy! can you take off my jumper shirtLola loves my feet,it tickles meWith Alice and the mad hatterThe most awesome tour guide ever!!!I love hotel beds mommy!!


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