I personally love engagement party. I am inspired to share with you the engagement party of Yvonne and Andrew. We had a fine perfect weather. A nice and cozy garden ambiance for the guest. The host uncle john and his wife are the sweetest and most accommodating people I’ve met. Families and friends came in from different places to celebrate this wonderful event.
It was my first time to meet the couple. I have no doubt in my mind that they really are in love with each  other. They have their own stories to tell. Yvonne’s father Uncle John was the coolest. Proposing to marry his daughter I think would be the hardest part a father to deal with. The party turned out to be beautiful and memorable. The couple prepared menu  that they love, uncle john made his bbq masterpiece which is awesome. Everybody else was having a good time.YA_1 YA_2 YA_3 YA_5 YA_4 YA_17YA_21YA_33YA_6 YA_7 YA_23YA_19 YA_8 YA_9 YA_28 YA_29 YA_30YA_10 YA_11YA_27 YA_12 YA_13 YA_14 YA_15 YA_16 YA_24YA_22YA_18

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