If there such thing as a message that hits right through me this will be it.This is a honest and straightforward blog from one of my best client.A person who not only feeds my creative side but helps me grow as well.  A bond and friendship thats uniquely ours. Thanks for always believing in me .And Where ever my lens will lead me,I will always look back and thank you for the trust and friendship.

“I really don’t know how to begin my endearing list of great things about Christian, our family photographer. But let me first, share the fondest story of how I met him. First things first… I met him at my Godson’s First Birthday Party in San Jose. At that time, I was not at my best as I just went through a not so “pretty” divorce. His wife Nicelle was manning the computer and photo printing machine, while Mr. C was busy taking pictures of the guests at the photo booth. I was one of those who posed with gusto along my kids and the birthday boy. Needless to say, I had a blast. Days later, I bothered my Kumpadre because I wanted to to get a hold of Christian to have order some prints from the party. Maybe now you can sense that I quickly got impressed with his quality of work. It was not long after I asked him for our first ever project. The first family shoot was booked and took place in no time. Well, from that shoot… I’d say the rest was history. As you can see, I am one of his “frequent flyers!.” You are probably saying “her face looks familiar.” Well, you got that right!

Let me take you to my time machine so I can give an accurate account why I kept on hiring Christian and why every session with Mr. C feels turns out to be magnificent and spectacular. Alfred Eisenstaedt, a well-known photographer said that “It is more important to click with people than click the shutter.” I knew from the beginning that strong bond that will develop between Christian and I. That bond is called “CONNECTION” It is actually the energy that exist between two individuals when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship. In other words, we have a CHEMISTRY. I never liked Chemisty in high-school more so when I took it again in college, but I realized years later that it plays a huge role not only in science but also in humanity particularly human relationships.

They say that “a brand is worthless if it doesn’t connect to the right audience in a relevant manner.” His passion for love of photography apart from the art and science of nursing, captured me beyond words. His creativity and workmanship is exhibited by the positive energy that exist on and off camera. The caliber that Christian had in him, will make your experience a lasting one. That is brand that goes along with Christian Alcazaren Photography.

Days, months, and years quickly came by, Christian became more than our family photographer. Him and his family soon became a part of ours. He is one of the few that I would say that “grew with us.” One of the few that we embraced to share our joys, triumphs, challenges, and hopes. He captured special and candid moments in our lives, shared laughter and giggles even when under pressure, his patience was countlessly tested for having uncooperative kids, sweat and hard work to bring out our the best smile ever, motivated us to have a colorful painting of our feelings or expressions, carved our imagination to help grasp the unseen, influenced us to relive and enjoy the moment or even leap to the future. I can go on all day enumerating the greatness of this photographer but one thing is for sure. He can MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I know that this is taking too long but please give me the opportunity to give due credit to this guy!!! Perhaps, this is long overdue too!!! Keep on reading, please:

a. Passion for photography- He is obsessed with every shot that he takes. He spends time to get to know you as a client, he values your opinion and suggestions, and puts a lot of thought about the project and never ceases to use creativity and imagination.
b. Dedicated to his craft – He continually betters himself. I guarantee you that, you will always have an itch to indulge in another project.
c. Great storyteller – He knows that the heart and mind are the true lens of the camera. Every picture is really worth a TEN-Thousand Words coz 1,000 doesn’t give justice at all.
d. Perfectionist and Detail-Oriented – He invests quality time to assure that subject’s photographs as if it is the only way it will be remembered throughout all the time. He focuses even on the minor details to create a lasting memory.
e. Patience, Patience, and lots of Patience – His pursuit is always a product of his unending patience. Patience to wait for the right moment to capture, patience for bright or dim light, and of course bags of patience not only for kids but also for the not so kiddos anymore. LOL.
f. Vast sense of wonder and imagination – What more can I say….He is very curious and lets his imagination wander around to bring out the best in you.
g. Willing to Share – He is a nurse by profession like me, but I’ve always wanted to be good in taking pictures too. He shares his expertise and makes you feel confident even at your lowest.
h. Unique Style – trust me… This guy photographed me and us relentlessly (in a good way). He generates classic and impressive transformation because of his style and ingenuity. A real and intense adventure-seeker.
i. People Person – One thing I really love about Christian is his charisma. He never ceases to smile and motivate his subject(s) to give it all for that picture perfect even he is not feeling well or tired. He can definitely brighten up your day.
j. Unafraid to make mistakes – Christian knows No Fear. He is a legit risk-taker. He will try and dare all angles, mood, exposures, and even subjects. His zest for life is truly remarkable.
k. Technical Skills – A for awesome. His got the SKA- Skills, Knowledge, and Attitude!
l. Professional – Last but not the least, he exhibits superb professionalism. Always early at the venue and lives up to his client’s expectations. He makes you feel that you are the V.I.P.

It has been awhile since I have written something like this but to write something for our Beloved Pal and Photographer has always been on my bucket list. I am sure I’d write a few more as we continue our life journey but I thought it is a good way to start with something like this. It is merely an appreciation of his craftsmanship not a marketing strategy or advertisement.

He was there every in milestone of my life… a shortlist of which are from kids’ birthdays, engagement, wedding, and anniversary. I am the type of person that is as driven and passionate as Mr. C. and I would say “Photography is a love affair with life.” It is something that fulfills your craving for great pictures. Christian is fortunate to have received the gift of capturing life’s greatest and dearest moments and I am blessed to have been photographed by him.

Today, He is Celebrating an Important Event in his life. I am confident that he won’t Miss any Moment to enjoy it!!! Happy Birthday and May the force be with You Always. ***wink…

Thank you for the greatest and best snap shots coz you are keeping the moment from running away. -Andrellie