Hi everyone welcome to my blog. Here you can see are collections of my personal whereabouts and journal of images as a visual artist. In this space will serve as my cup of joe, my oasis to endless appreciation of beauty and love of life.
I humbly share to you some captured images and opinion to my every endeavor._DSC2744


This is my loving wife and our son Cian. I had the most wonderful, awesome life because of them. They are my inspiration to every photograph I made. Photography is my passion. Its not just about the technical aspect about it or finding the perfect light, for me its capturing moment to last a lifetime.




2 thoughts on “About

  1. I hope you had a great time on the Wine Train. You took some very good shots.

    Thanks for spending time with us.

    Greg McManus
    Napa Valley Wine Train

    • First of all I would like thank you for visiting my blog,I greatly appreciate it. It was my first time actually to be there. The experience was great and romantic. I love the way the staff accommodate us and attend us with all our needs. The gourmet meal and dessert was absolutely fantastic. Never had a negative experience on my first time, I will definitely go back for more…thanks sir and have a good day!

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