I had been missing so much of my life. I never been a fanatic tea drinker ever. My wife introduced me to this tea which she bought in a local store. She was so in to it and she was trying to convinced to have at least one sip. I was so impressed how good the taste was.The aroma was so fruity that it kinda smoothen up my mind. It is rejuvenating. Im glad she introduced this to me. This amazing tea had always been in our dining table ever since. Its even best during breakfast, my zen of everyday

For the Love of Breakfast Project: Scrambled Egg

I had been longing that someday that I would make my own project about photography. I had always been fascinated with food photography. Earlier when I was still learning my photography my mentor always told me to shoot anything and everything, start with something that is easy to manipulate. I had always been frustrated with this kind of photography. The main issue was lighting set up and photography equipment. I mean books and some people advised that you have to have like this or buy this kind of gears. I had been trying this for years but never really into it.
Thats why Im doing this as my self project and my self motivation to pursue such challenge. I titled it “For the Love of Breakfast Project”. Why Breakfast? coz for me its the best way to start the day and I love breakfast. Once in a while im going to post images about food during breakfast, comments and constructive criticism are welcome..

Bon’a petit’

I was just listening to Jillian Michael’s podcast for the last 5 days. I dig into this topic about food. She explained that one of the things that made people crave for food is by its color. I was thinking about various food which are colorful in its made. I made this hilarious experiment in doing food photography as a personal project to prove it. As I was together with my preggy wife treating ourselves to our favorite restaurants, I am taking pictures of our food that we had ordered. It is so hard to take pictures especially when my preggy wife is starving and you are there for 8 minutes trying to make a good composition. I however realized that its not only in the colors that food seems to grab your appetite, its also about the texture and the presentation. The simplicity of its form made this food interesting and had lot to tell–is it sour,sweet,creamy, smoky ,crispy? All of this expectations makes you intrigue in such a descent manner.
I somewhat agree with Jillian’s peoples perception on food. Its very interesting how this magazine or advertising company strive to get best food photographer out there to perfectly capture this food to allure us to crave for it.
And now that holidays are fast approaching magazines around grocery stores are flooding with so much advertisement about what to buy this Thanksgiving or what to eat this Christmas eve.All I can say is its all about the loading of carbs this winter, so Im going to watch for it.
And by the way the food below are courtesy of isabella’s italian resto in monterey california, TGI sushi(i love sushi here-especially california roll and johnny love),and Karra’s cupcake(proud to be bay area’s finest cupcake)