My Sweet Fall Family Photosession

I had been running late on my posting from last year. My dear Darren and Andrellie had been my frequent flyer here on my blog. The rewarding part of being a photographer is the trust and relationship you had built to your client. I had been shooting their family session ever since, for me every session with them is different. Andrellie always come up with something unique and it always comes out great. Its always fun to shoot returning client. The confidence and bond you made in them makes this session spontaneous and natural.

Summer lovin

Its almost a month since my little kiddo had his birthday. I noticed a lot of amazing changes on him. One of those was seeing him walking for the first time. Everyday is always something new. He learned a lot of things everyday. We learned a lot of things from him too.He became our best bud. Having no in-house babysitter makes a big difference. After all the busy week of moving in to a new home we finally got settled. We are so excited summer is coming.This images were taken in the nearby park, my son is so diggin it.




The one thing I like about living in the bay area is that I never have to travel going to the east coast just to experience snow. After so much weeks of craziness during the christmas eve we finally had time traveling and have fun on the colder side. The best deals are on for luxurious accommodations. This trip was exciting coz its cian’s first snow experience.
Its our first time to see our son excited to go out and curious about whats outside the window. The weather was perfect and everybody else including my parent inlaw was having fun that day. Watching cian on his crochet beanie hat and snow suit for the first time was totally rad. Its crazy watching him frowning and probably don’t know he’s freezing already, he still jumps from his mom’s arms and started crawling on the snowy surface and about to devour the thick snow on his hands. Im so excited to print all the images and add this to our family portfolio.