Union Square and China Town San Francisco

I always mention on my previous blog that my visit here in san francisco is tough. But no matter how tough it is,I love coming back in this busy steep street. I don’t know why it fascinates me. The challenge of driving and parking is always uncompromising but the reward is all worth it.

This time I made my visit fruitful as possible. I went to the heart of downtown san francisco. Walking down the street in solitude made me contemplate more in capturing unique facade in the streets and appreciated the beauty of photojournalism.
I even had the chance to meet with other photographers who were also intrigue with the alluring lifestyle of san francisco. Its quite interesting that someone you met actually had the same passion and interest that you also have. To wrap it all, I conclude it by capturing the Famous golden gate bridge in Bakerbeach and even crossing it.

There are so many things to tell but I can’t help sharing this:
The “House of An” resto didn’t disappoint us,the roasted crab was to die for.This resto is authentic asian cuisine located at polk street.

I know that I still have many places here for me to discover. I know it will be awesome again..see you next time SFO!!

Jacob@1+Noah@3 Birthday

Its interesting when you hear names that are taken from the bible. It gives me an idea what kind of family Im working with. I am happy with the accommodation that they gave me and the grandparents was also so warm to me. It is fun to be here always in mountain house. I love the pleasure of looking at this huge and beautiful houses. When Chona called me up to document her sons joint birthday, I was really pleased. Shooting an event there would be an opportunity to capture moments as well as details of the venue.
After the event, I was carrying a bunch of happy thoughts experiencing the moments,the warmth and the amazing kids that made my work so fun and easy. Im going to share with you a piece of bliss that day.

Yosemite,Redwood,Bass Lake

I think this has been my third time coming back to fresno. But this time, it was different. It was a new experience and it was an epic amusement. I’ve been hearing lot of things about Yosemite. Yosemite is that…. yosemite is this….. In short, we are nowhere we can be here without our lovely tourist guides Rico and Athens. I had been longing to be here because I love nature. I love the whole new view on my perspective.
After driving almost an hour of steep winding road we finally arrived to our destination. It was enormously great and lovely. I had the time of my life. We didn’t only stopped at Yosemite but we went to Bass lake and Redwood, which was totally awesome. Here are the sweet glimpse from last month summer roadtrip.