Bags and Vanity

This was a product shoot favored to me by my sister in law. My sis in law loves to sell bags and fashion blings as her hobby and passion. She made this whole shebang of entrepreneurship into a whole new level. To make it more optimized,part of it was the promotion of the items thru social networking. The first step was to photograph it with glamour and art. We know that branding was bit complex for us to do and really the very core of every business. However I made this crazy idea of putting her my sis inlaw the model of this bag, anyway she just so fit with the product because a brazilian look model like her would be an ideal concept for this product shoot. The bags were very edgy and stylish. It is an ideal fashion for walking and wandering around a hot summer season. If you were a tourist and an adventure lover kinda person, this would definitely fit your style.