For the Love of Breakfast Project: Scrambled Egg

I had been longing that someday that I would make my own project about photography. I had always been fascinated with food photography. Earlier when I was still learning my photography my mentor always told me to shoot anything and everything, start with something that is easy to manipulate. I had always been frustrated with this kind of photography. The main issue was lighting set up and photography equipment. I mean books and some people advised that you have to have like this or buy this kind of gears. I had been trying this for years but never really into it.
Thats why Im doing this as my self project and my self motivation to pursue such challenge. I titled it “For the Love of Breakfast Project”. Why Breakfast? coz for me its the best way to start the day and I love breakfast. Once in a while im going to post images about food during breakfast, comments and constructive criticism are welcome..