This is Home

This is the day that I committed myself to the lady I really love. I can still remember the excitement to be waiting down for her at the aisle, I can still remember the sweetness of the air as it brushes thru my skin, I can still remember how gorgeous my bride was and most of all I can still remember how much I love her.
Sometimes its easy to say I love you when you’re at the height of pleasure or when your in your honeymoon. I somehow realized that along the way that its easier said than done. For 5 years I had shared plenty of moments and time with her. We had experienced the tough times as well as the good times. I realized that there is no exact recipe for a happy marriage. It is still a mystery until now how I care so much for us. I somehow build the man thats inside me when I taught to love her more. Everyday is a new day and each day I’m with here is a home waiting for me to be welcomed and give me love and comfort.
These pictures were taken at stacks resto, our favorite place to hangout for awesome awesome breakfast. For us its the perfect place to start a new day..