Let Him be Little

It has been a crazy month performing our role as new parents.Loading ourselves with tons of information and tips on how to do this and how to do that was part of the process, either of them works, sometimes we are just being lucky but most of the time it was trial and error. There was excitement, exhaustions, Aha and funny moments along the way. Talking about funny moments, my son just peed hitting almost my darn face while changing his diapers. So I have a little bit of “matrix” stunts everytime it happens.

We are so happy to had accomplished at least a month of adjustments with the new process of dealing with our new child. We just landed CIAN’s first month last week and we are ready to subdue efforts for another month and years to come.We are so excited to share with you our beloved and most cherished moments this past week.

Moments with Grandpa

These are the stuff that made our life incredibly awesome and easy.

1-Although not a gadget, We personalize our son’s room with his first ever gallery wrap canvass. Why is this important?! Isn’t it great and awesome to have baby pictures hanging around our home.
2-We had been an online shoppers ever since my wife got pregnant and we stumble into this amazing website click here. And we had a chance to bought this at Nelsongifts, very simple yet very personal.
3-Changing diapers almost every hour makes him vulnerable to rash and skin dryness,We bought this amazing stuff in amazon. Its Hypoallergenic and it works.
4-Its like going to a spa. The aroma is soothing and calming for our baby. We usually apply this after baby bath.
5-This thing is amazing its called itzbeen pocket nanny!we never have to write or record everything on a piece of paper.It automatically give us information when was the last time he feed, poops etc
6-Keeping things clean and organize is what we’ve learn from having a baby.Our diaper pail save us from having a stinky trash bins inside our bedroom.This is odorless and easy to dispose.

7-As hands-on parents, We needed to attend other chores and errands.Our baby monitor keep us track while we are away from our baby’s room doing other things.
8-Sometimes its tiring and exhausting carrying him 24hours a day, this awesome thing does the job for us. It simply works like a hammock on the beach.

9-Since we committed ourselves to breastfed our son. This is the only bottle that our son can tolerate. This one mimics the breast nipple and a slow flowing bottle too(mimics let down reflex).
10-This one is a legend, you can’t mess with grandmas old tricks and still works though. This still prevents gassy evening episodes.

And We love our Ipad Ibooks and our selphy photoprinter click here(it does an amazing print for scrapbooking)

NICOLO’S(coco)-First Birthday party!

Ive been longing to post this birthday moment I took a month ago. But with this crazy schedule I’m having with, its makes me so eager to have time to sit and share my experience in time. I wonder if “BLOG” was really a weblog or I say “backlog” for me. Anyhow back from a month ago, I met Ranel(i literally called him bossing) and Cindy at the holloween party that my wife and I and her co worker attended with. This couple are one of those people I admired with . They were humble and fun loving people. When they asked me to cover the birthday of their first baby boy, I didn’t hesitate to say YES!. Eventhough I was also a visitor from this party,it was such an experience to capture moment like this.
I can say that it was a unique party because all of the party favors and details was really paid attention. Cindy made everything unique and special for coco’s birthday. Cindy is also a regular seller and a buyer of ETSY the website is it made this whole shebang so interesting. I am also a fan of etsy. I asked tons questions where did you get this?how did you do that?how much was this?. In short, It was cute and nice and I literally like it.
What was also special about this day because it was the third time fight between manny pacqiuao and marquez. Everybody else gather till the wee hours of the night just to watch our idol filipino pound for pound champion manny pacqiuao. Everybody else gone crazy-biting their lips, clenching their fist as manny pacquiao won his victory again against marquez…After the fight we celebrated the victory with unique gourmet desserts and coffee- a typical uniqueness in pinoy’s culture which Im proud of.
Did I mention the food was also great, it was a mixed of filipino specialties like karekare, pansit malabon, barbecue,lechon(roasted pig) and etc.. The cake was super duper awesome!!!I almost filled my memory cards with tons of pictures of it. It was really nice made by Joan- an overly talented friend of Bossing ranel and cindy.
To end my story, I’m hoping someday that coco’s parents would be proud of him and that he turn out to be a fine young man.