The Lopez’s Family Day

Im going to tell a bit of a story from last week. Andrelei called me up a week ago if I can have a photoshoot together with her children. I answered few questions from her about our photoshoot. The only question I can remember from her was “If I can handle kids to relax and pose to the camera? becoz my little baby boy is really shy and doesn’t easily get along with strangers”.
That question was really in my mind the whole time. I had prepared different backup plans just incase as well as things that could make the kids relax during the shoot. I waited for them to arrived in the location shoot.
This is the second time that they saw me shoot after andrew’s birthday. At first Vince was really shy compared to his elder sister. After a while of convincing and bargaining Vince finally fell into my childish charm. I never expected that Vince was so BIBO(naughty cute with so many expressions)-i don’t know actually how to translate that in english. In the end, the whole day turns into a fun, loving and almost like a family day instead of photoshoot. Too little time and yet so many stories to tell, these guys really rocked my weekend last week.
The Day started with an awesome expressions!!
The fun siblings!!Vince is all scene-stealing that day,my best buddy actuallyThis is the sweetest smile that almost broke my camera.There was a widespread of love epidemic that day that is so contagious. Mommy is naturally gorgeous.I told you Vince was all scene stealing that day..
I love this Harry Potter scene.This is the most powerful wand that almost postponed the photoshoot.I love this mother to daughter and grandaughter bonding

Francyn + Bianca { 5&1 Birthday }

I shoot many birthdays like this back home. Nothing is more exciting and fascinating when you are ask to photo shoot especially from a good friend in a new place. Me and my wife drove 34miles towards Dublin Ca. where the party was held. I can tell that this party will turn out great experiencing all the unique details at the party, the cozy venue,the modified filipino food and of course the vibe of the people there. I had so much fun with the kids grown here in the US, they are smart,fun loving,participative,creative etc.. name it,they really are full of awesomeness and cuteness in whatever they do. After a long time for longing to click that shutter again, I really had a blast that day with all the unguarded moments I took behind my camera. I was really relieve and want to do it again. Enjoy the moment!!