Jonathan+Dulce Las Vegas Engagement

I cant wait to post some of the pictures that happened this week even though Im still having vacation fever at this moment. Im breaking it now. Not all stayed in Vegas. Who can’t resist in sharing this awesome pictures of the lovely couple Jonathan and Dulce took a days ago in Vegas. Both were shy at first but somewhere along our shoot who cannot be tempted in being captured with such an amazing and picturesque spot in Vegas. The shoot was held at Ninang Rose’s lovely house and at the strip of Las Vegas.

After all the plans and long awaited moment to come,finally they became one. Here are some of the sneek preview of their moments together took during our casual “strip” strolling in Vegas.And by the way they got married in TI the following day.

P.S. wedding moments to follow…..

Our First Visit to Reno,Nevada

At first i know nothing about “Reno”. My wife told me there is an awesome package they are giving this month. So I browsed it on the web and they offer free accommodations for two days in Grand sierra hotel!!,isn’t it great? Then finally realized when i was booking it that this place is in Nevada. I came to imagine Las Vegas with all the bars, casino, dazzling lights and beautiful,glamorous people. We have a long drive on the way there, witnessing county lifestyle,unusual houses and architectures and a sudden snow way ahead. When we finally reach our destination, the hotel that we checked in was somewhat isolated from the city. Its okay because the hotel was huge and a whole package of amenities and entertainment to choose is there, from casino,buffet,bowling,movies, spa,package tours etc. I even realized that Reno was known for ice skiing enthusiast like me Joke!!. The following day we headed to complete our itinerary, we didn’t get any of the package but me and my wife enjoyed the exploration together with our own effort. Here’s a sweet glimpse of our visit to Reno, Nevada.

our interstate road trip

we passby sacramento,california

playing around the snow