Let Him be Little

It has been a crazy month performing our role as new parents.Loading ourselves with tons of information and tips on how to do this and how to do that was part of the process, either of them works, sometimes we are just being lucky but most of the time it was trial and error. There was excitement, exhaustions, Aha and funny moments along the way. Talking about funny moments, my son just peed hitting almost my darn face while changing his diapers. So I have a little bit of “matrix” stunts everytime it happens.

We are so happy to had accomplished at least a month of adjustments with the new process of dealing with our new child. We just landed CIAN’s first month last week and we are ready to subdue efforts for another month and years to come.We are so excited to share with you our beloved and most cherished moments this past week.

Moments with Grandpa

These are the stuff that made our life incredibly awesome and easy.

1-Although not a gadget, We personalize our son’s room with his first ever gallery wrap canvass. Why is this important?! Isn’t it great and awesome to have baby pictures hanging around our home.
2-We had been an online shoppers ever since my wife got pregnant and we stumble into this amazing website click here. And we had a chance to bought this at Nelsongifts, very simple yet very personal.
3-Changing diapers almost every hour makes him vulnerable to rash and skin dryness,We bought this amazing stuff in amazon. Its Hypoallergenic and it works.
4-Its like going to a spa. The aroma is soothing and calming for our baby. We usually apply this after baby bath.
5-This thing is amazing its called itzbeen pocket nanny!we never have to write or record everything on a piece of paper.It automatically give us information when was the last time he feed, poops etc
6-Keeping things clean and organize is what we’ve learn from having a baby.Our diaper pail save us from having a stinky trash bins inside our bedroom.This is odorless and easy to dispose.

7-As hands-on parents, We needed to attend other chores and errands.Our baby monitor keep us track while we are away from our baby’s room doing other things.
8-Sometimes its tiring and exhausting carrying him 24hours a day, this awesome thing does the job for us. It simply works like a hammock on the beach.

9-Since we committed ourselves to breastfed our son. This is the only bottle that our son can tolerate. This one mimics the breast nipple and a slow flowing bottle too(mimics let down reflex).
10-This one is a legend, you can’t mess with grandmas old tricks and still works though. This still prevents gassy evening episodes.

And We love our Ipad Ibooks and our selphy photoprinter click here(it does an amazing print for scrapbooking)

An Amazing Journey of Love and Miracle

I’ve been patiently waiting for this moment putting this together into a story.I am still sleepy and tired but looking back I still can’t believe how we made this far. My wife and I had been talking wee hours of the night thinking what will our baby will look like and how would it feels like if that day comes?Anxiety and excitement never runs out as the months keeps moving to its due date. We are so grateful that we have friends and relatives who are there to help us and guide us into this unique experience.
We are so thankful to our co workers, friends(from virginia, california, texas,new york),families(from philippines and singapore) and relatives who had been there all thru out this journey. For the kind people who hosted the baby shower and everything, it made our hearts really melt.
I believe that miracles really happen and we owe it to God the almighty. I, as a husband at the same time the future dad. It didn’t fade into my mind the fear that delivering a baby involves a lot of risk.Having no control of the situation makes me so vulnerable and powerless. That the only thing makes me and us strong is the hope and prayers that GOD is always with us.I completely surrender myself to him that he is still my father my Lord who is much stronger than everything.
I sincerely thank my wife and truthfully I am very proud of her even though she was so much in pain and scared(I ask her whats your pain level in scale of 1-10? and she said “11”) She still manage to hold on to me and trust me with all her hearts.
We know that this is just the beginning. And I know countless diapers and sleeps will still be wasted, as our friends and relatives always tell “It will all be Worth it”. And I am greatly happy to tell my boy “welcome to the world my son”

Baby shower with co-workers. . .

Baby shower with Virginia,California and Texas friends

Baby shower with ate Esper and our dear Taxco neighbors

April 6,2011 the birthdate