Francyn + Bianca { 5&1 Birthday }

I shoot many birthdays like this back home. Nothing is more exciting and fascinating when you are ask to photo shoot especially from a good friend in a new place. Me and my wife drove 34miles towards Dublin Ca. where the party was held. I can tell that this party will turn out great experiencing all the unique details at the party, the cozy venue,the modified filipino food and of course the vibe of the people there. I had so much fun with the kids grown here in the US, they are smart,fun loving,participative,creative etc.. name it,they really are full of awesomeness and cuteness in whatever they do. After a long time for longing to click that shutter again, I really had a blast that day with all the unguarded moments I took behind my camera. I was really relieve and want to do it again. Enjoy the moment!!