Union Square and China Town San Francisco

I always mention on my previous blog that my visit here in san francisco is tough. But no matter how tough it is,I love coming back in this busy steep street. I don’t know why it fascinates me. The challenge of driving and parking is always uncompromising but the reward is all worth it.

This time I made my visit fruitful as possible. I went to the heart of downtown san francisco. Walking down the street in solitude made me contemplate more in capturing unique facade in the streets and appreciated the beauty of photojournalism.
I even had the chance to meet with other photographers who were also intrigue with the alluring lifestyle of san francisco. Its quite interesting that someone you met actually had the same passion and interest that you also have. To wrap it all, I conclude it by capturing the Famous golden gate bridge in Bakerbeach and even crossing it.

There are so many things to tell but I can’t help sharing this:
The “House of An” resto didn’t disappoint us,the roasted crab was to die for.This resto is authentic asian cuisine located at polk street.

I know that I still have many places here for me to discover. I know it will be awesome again..see you next time SFO!!

San Francisco

There is always a feeling of excitement whenever I visit San Francisco. There is always a plan on how to conquer the busy traffic and parking difficulties on the way there. In spite of this obstacles it all worth it to be in San Francisco.
What is really great in this place that I want to visit more often? Well I really love food, I mean different kind of foods. San Francisco is very diverse when it comes to culinary experience. But there is only one place that I love to hang out at market street. A good resto near called the “2223 resto and bar”. They always spoils me. I so love their dessert and pot roast.I know there is still a lot of restaurant to mention you just have to explore and seek for that perfect place that fits your taste buds.
So what else do I like? It is always fun walking around the streets of SFO.The Union square is surrounded by signature boutique that is always perfect avenue for shoppers and fashionistas. And also, if you are that kind of person who loves to bargain, chinatown is there for you.
Well if you love just hanging around and feel the breeze of the bay area, it is always free to just pack up your picnic bags and blanket to crissy field. It is always an awesome experience to watch people around and the spectacular view of the the Golden Gate.

I just love to indulge in this tempting black and white chocolates in epic proportion

Hanging around Union square is like going to Italy. Lots of italian restaurant to choose from.

The crazy steep street of San Francisco